It is a great honour to display the following beautiful Awards for which this site has been bestowed. I thank all of the award designers, award givers and award masters for their unremitting work and dedication to improving the quality of the World Wide Web.

My heartfelt thanks to all those webmistress, webmasters, and judges who took their time to visit and carefully evaluate this site and felt it merited recognition. Please visit their wonderful sites and enjoy. You won't be sorry I promise.

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DH-Online-NET / Germany
DH Online NetGreetings from Wolfen, Germany. I have visited your site, and I'm very impressed. Layout, colour, graphics - they're all great! I like your work.
You are a very talented webmaster. Keep up the great work!You won my award.

Dieter Hammerl

United States Web Award
United States Webawards!Hello,

Our professional panel agrees that your site is everything you believe it is! We are pleased to present you with a 2004 United States Web Award for providing a US FRIENDLY, informative web site.
Based on our review of your site we are presenting you with a VERY GOOD rating!

The UNITED STATES WEB AWARDS were founded by a group of professionals who own a progressive and expanding company They perceived a need to recognize Canadian entrepreneurs for excellence and achievement in the ever expanding Internet marketplace.
THANKS SO MUCH to United States Web Awards Team

Google Mediapartner-Editor
Partenaire Média-Éditeur de Google

Votre demande d'inscription Google AdSense a été approuvée. Vous pouvez à présent activer votre compte et commencer à diffuser des annonces Google et proposer AdSense pour les pages de recherche sur votre site en quelques minutes.
Nous vous souhaitons la bienvenue dans Google AdSense. Nous sommes à votre disposition pour vous aider à exploiter pleinement le potentiel de votre site Web.

L'Équipe Google

Top 50 Award Winning Web Sites
Top 50
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The owner of Top 50 Award Winning Web Sites has chosen to accept your membership to the list! Your site will now appear on the list at:
Thank you.
Best regards,

Bob Chapman
President & CEO Award Winning Web Site Designs
(North Charleston, South Carolina)

Little Shy Designs
Diamond Award
Excellence Award
Excellence Award
Congratulations..!! You have an Award winning website..!! Great Job.
Please accept my Awards Aloha Hugs from Hawaii Maria.
"Little Shy" / Site by Karl Bang ( Award graphics designer)

Karl Bang is a famous Chinese painter. Karl Bang's paintings are unique because he combines totally different styles of painting within the same format. It is very difficult to design a blanced composition with realistic elements that are juxtaposed with flat colors and patterns.

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