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666 in the old languages
(Roman / Hebrew / Greek)

                  1.     666 in Greek
                   2.     666 in Roman
                    3.     666 in Hebrew

1.       666 in Greek

In accordance with their proper guematria, the ancient Greeks generally made a correspondence between the Beast, the Roman Empire, its princes and his Church. Irenæus (Irenee, 130-202 after J.-c.) was the first to make such an association, in its work "Against Heresies", book 5, chapter 30, paragraph 3.

L A T E I N O S = 666
λ α τ ε ι ν ο ς
30 +1 +300 +5 +10 +50 +70 +200
Lateinos = Roman Kingdom (latin)
In the book "The two Babylones", Alexandre Hyslop recalls that
the Romans believed that they were downward from the god-child of the sun
that they called Lateinos and this god was also identified with Saturn
or Stur in babylonian - the hidden god, the god of the mysteries.
Let us note that the chaldean value of Stur is 666 (S=60, T=400, U=6 et R=200).

N E R O (N)   K A E S A R = 1332
ν ε ρ ω ν   κ α ε ς α ρ
50 +5 +100 +800 +50   +20 +1 +5 +200 +1 +100
Nero(n) Kæsar = Neron Cesar or Cesar Neron
Neron was the 6th Roman emperor (Kesar or Cesar in Greek) [from 54 to 68 after J.-C.].
The clean transcription of this name is Cæsar Nero or Kæsar Nero;
It is the addition of a final "n" by the catholic Church which will give Neron Cæsar
in Roman and thereafter nrwn qsr in Aramian.
In Hebrew, the alphanumeric value of nrwn qsr is also 666.

I T A L I K A   E K K L E S I A = 666
ι τ α λ ι κ α   ε κ κ λ η ς ι α
10 +300 +1 +30 +10 +20 +1   +5 +20 +20 +30 +8 +200 +10 +1
Italika Ekklesia = Italian Church (Roman), in Greek

H E   L A T I N E   B A S I L E I A = 666
nul η   λ α τ ι ν η   β α ς ι λ ε ι α
- +8   +30 +1 +300 +10 +50 +8   +2 +1 +200 +10 +30 +5 +10 +1
He Latine Basileia = The Latin kingdom (Roman), in Greek
A T T E I N = 666
α τ τ ε ι ν
1 +300 +300 +5 +10 +50
Attein = Beast, in Greek
T E I T A N = 666
τ ε ι τ α ν
300 +5 +10 +300 +1 +50
Teitan = Titanic in English, Titan in French
Sheitan in chaldean
Titan is the satellite of the planet Saturn.
Sheitan / Teitan=other name of Satan in antiquity
and in the satannic worship of modern Kurdistan.
The alphanumeric value 666 of Teitan was
discovered initially by Irenee (130-202) in the 2nd century.
The Greek authors Hesiode and Homere treat about the
Teitans, designation of all the malicious gods of
the Tartar or the hell.
P L E U R A N = 666
π λ ε υ ρ α ν
80 +30 +5 +400 +100 +1 +50
Pleuran = Side, in Greek
On his cross, Jesus was transpierced in his side
by the spear of a soldier; causing flow of water and
blood (Jn 20,25).
According to the Church, this wound causes
divine graces.
I E S O U S = 666
ι η ς ο υ ς
10 +8 +200 +70 +400 +200
Iesous = Jesus, in Greek
Number 888 is recognized like
numeric code of Jesus.
However, in basis 9 numerology
"Jesus" is worth 666;
in the same mode of numerical encoding,
"Lucifer" is worth also 666.
A P O S T A T E S = 666
α π ο α τ η ς
1 +80 +70 +6 +1 +300 +8 +200
Apostates = Apostats, in English
In the numerology times 6,
"Apostats" is worth also 666.
Apostate=a person which deserted its religious
NOTE: To express 6, former Greeks used the "snaked"
symbol Digamma , their alphabet not having a
naturalness letter-number for this figure of the Beast...
M A O M E T I S = 666
μ α ο μ ε τ ι ς
40 +1 +70 +40 +5 +300 +10 +200
Maometis or Mahometis = Mahomet, in Greek
The great Islamic prophet
A P O S T A T H S = 666
α π ο α τ η ς
1 +80 +70 +6 +1 +300 +8 +200
Apostaths or Apostathis = Apostate, in Greek
P A R A D O D S I S = 666
π α ρ α δ ο nul ς ι ς
80 +1 +100 +1 +4 +70 - +200 +10 +200
Paradodsis = Tradition, in Greek
In the numerology basis 6, the English expression
"A Tradition" is worth also 666.

P A N A T H E S M I O S = 666
π α ν α θ ε ς μ ι ο ς
80 +1 +50 +1 +9 +5 +200 +40 +10 +70 +200
Panathesmios = "Completely unjust" ou "Completely without law", in Greek

W I L L I A M   J.   C L I N T O N = 666
ι λ λ ι nil μ   ι   κ λ ι ν τ ο ν
6 +10 +30 +30 +10 - +40   +10   +20 +30 +10 +50 +300 +70 +50
William [Bill] J. Clinton, former American president
In Hebrew, William J. Clinton is worth also 666, in spite of the differences in alphanumeric coding
in these two languages
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2.       666 in Roman

I V X L C D = 666
1 +5 +10 +50 +100 +500
Roman numerology: I=1; V=5; X=10; L=50; C=100; D=500; M=1000
In the direct numerical coding on basis 9, the sequence gives:
81 + 198+ 216 + 108 + 27 + 36 = 666 !!! ...

In the time of the apostle John (author of the Apocalypse), one believed that the Antichrist was to be one of the Roman emperors since the addition of the six principal numeral letters of the Roman system gave 666.

The expression "VICARIUS FILII DEI" (meaning Vicar of the Son of God and referring to the Pope), title engraved on the pope's tiara until 1963, gives an alphanumeric value 666 per addition of its Roman numeral letters (V ~ U). This numerologic denunciation was established by the Protestants of the Reform.

V I C A R I U S   F I L I I   D E I = 666
5 +1 +100 - - +1 +5 -   - +1 +50 +1 +1   +500 - +1

Vatican Coats of ArmsTiara of the PopeHoly-Peter's Keys
In the Vatican, almost all evokes triple 6 or Beast signs: armorial bearings, Pope's tiara and keys of the Vatican. The tiara, bonnet with horns [goat, ram, lamb, billy-goats or Beast...], is used as identification for a god or a divinized person. In addition, in Deuteronome (chapter 33, verse 17), the horn is a symbol of force and power. On the Pope's tiara above, let us note the inscription "Vicarius Filii Dei".

In French, the expressions "cornes" (horns), "la chèvre" (the goat) and "bergers" (shepherds) have all the three an alphanumeric value of 666, in the direct mode of numerology times 9. In addition, in English, the term "Horns" is worth also 666 in this same numerical coding!!!

The number of the Beast 666 also corresponds to the coded values of the French words "bouviers" (herdsmen), in the numerology basis 9, as well as "bélier" (ram), in the reversed numerical coding basis 6.

Nevertheless, in the reversed numerology basis 36, expression "A Vicarius Filii Dei" is worth 888:

A   V I C A R I U S   F I L I I   D E I = 888
61   +40 +53 +59 +61 +44 +53 +41 +43   +56 +53 +50 +53 +53   +58 +57 +53
888 = Numeric Code of Jesus-Christ

The Latin expression Diclux, abbreviation of "Dic me ess lucem veram" [ meaning Says that it is me the true light] has an alphanumeric value 666. So, the Romans turned into ridiculous the inscription engraved on the cross of Holy Benoît: "Crux sancta sit mihi lux, non draco sit mihi dux" [translated by The holy Cross is my light, the Dragon is not my king]].

D I C L U X = 666
500 +1 +100 +50 +5 +10

In Roman, the Pope is designated by Dux Cleri, meaning Leader of the clergy and being worth 666.

D U X   C L E R I = 666
500 +5 +10   +100 +50 - - +1

In addition, in the direct mode basis 100 numerical coding, like in reversed lower-case ASCII codes numerology, the French expression "Des Pontifes" (the Pontiffs) is worth 1221 [but, 1221x(6/11) = 666]. In addition, French word "Papale" (refering to the Pope) has exactly the alphanumeric value 666, in the reversed numerology basis 6. In satire, in its book "Arbor vitae crucifixae" (published in Venice by 1485), Ubertin de Casale concludes that the two Beasts of the Apocalypse are the popes Boniface VIII and Benoit XI.

The alphanumeric code of the emperor Diocletian August (Diocles Augustus in Roman; persecutor of the first Christians) is 666:

D I O C L E S   A U G U S T U S = 666
500 +1 - +100 +50 - -   - +5 - +5 - - +5 -

L U D O V I C U S = 666
50 +5 +500 - +5 +1 +100 +5 -
Literally, the Roman name Ludovicus means "Vicar of the Court"

V V I L   D U C E = 666
5 5 1 50   500 5 100 -
VVIL DUCE is a sign that appeared during Musolini's reign
and which meant VIVA IL DUCE, long live the chief

C u t e   P u r p l e   D i n o s a u r = 666
100 +5 - -   - +5 - - +50 -   +500 +1 - - - - +5 -
Cute Purple Dinosaur = Nice purple dinosaur
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3.       666 in Hebrew

Hebrew is one of the two languages of biblical revelation. The Hebraic and Greek languages, are respectively the original languages used in the Old Testament (the first 39 books) and in the New Testament (27 books). Just like in Arabic, in Hebrew the sentences are written in reversed direction [of the Greek or the Latin basis languages], from right-hand side towards the left, thus forming pages which are read from the last to the first. Nevertheless, each Hebrew word is individually written from left to right; symbol of the interpenetration of past and future in the present, people says. All the alphabetical letters also correspond to numbers, in Arabic, Hebrew and Greek (exception of figure 6 in this last language where the Beast number is represented by the "snaked" symbol Digamma , the Greek alphabet not having a natural letter-number for this number with morbid connotation.

Like the former Greeks, the Hebrews established a link between the Beast, the Roman empire, its princes and his Church.

R O M I T I = 666
ר ו מ י ת י
200 +6 +40 +10 +400 +10
Romiti = Roman, in Hebrew
R O M I I T H = 666
ר ו מ י י ת
200 +6 +40 +10 +10 +400
Romiith = Roman Kingdom, in Hebrew

N E R O N   K A E S A R = 666
נ ר ו נ   ק ס ר
50 +200 +6 +50   +100 +60 +200
With the addition by the catholic Church of a final "n" in the name of Neron,
Cæsar Nero or Kæsar Nero became Neron Cæsar in Roman
and thereafter nrwn qsr in Aramian.

Let us note that in numerology times 9, French expression "le royaume romain" (the Roman kingdom) is worth 1665 [1665 X (2/5) = 666], whereas "un Romain" (a Roman) has an alphanumeric value of 666 in the mode of reversed numerical coding basis 6. In addition, the English word "Roman" is worth also 666 in the reversed guematria basis 9.

In accordance with the alleged revelations transmitted by the Virgin Mary to Buisson d'Épine, Maîtreya (Maitreyas in German) would be the Antichrist. However, in numerology times 6, the secret code of Maitreyas is 666. The "Newagers", followers of New Age awaited Maîtreya, their new "Messiah", for the year 1998 [1998=3 x 666]. According to their worship, Maîtreya would be recognizable by 216 "divine" marks engraved on its body [216=63=6 x 6 x 6]. Transcribed in the Hebraic alphabet, Maîtreya gives Maithrie whose alphanumeric code is also 666.

M A I T H R I E = 666
מ א י ת ר י ה
40 +1 +10 +400 +200 +10 +5
Maithrie = Maîtreya, in Hebrew

Analyzing the amendment of the United Nations against Iraq and Saddam Hussein, Gerard Colombat concludes:
«L’amendement de l’O.N.U. du 15 Septembre 1990 concernant l’Irak et Saddam Hussein (à noter la similitude visuelle et subliminale entre les noms SADDAM et SATAN et qu’en anglais "SAD" signifie "triste", "MAD" signifie "fou", que "DAM" est le début du mot "damnation" etc.) était le numéro 666. Les noms Saddam et Hussein donnent chacun 666 par addition guématrique en hébreu.»
[Our translation]
"The amendment of U.N.O. of September 15, 1990 concerning Iraq and Saddam Hussein (to be noted the visual and subliminal similarity between the names SADDAM and SATAN and that in English "SAD" means "sad", "MAD" means "insane", that "DAM" is the beginning of the word "damnation" etc.) was number 666. The names Saddam and Hussein give each one 666 by guematric addition in Hebrew."
H U S S E I N = 666
ה ו ש ש ה נ
5 +6 +300 +300 +5 +50
S A D D A M = 666
ס א ד א ם
60 +1 +4 +1 +600

In addition, the magic square ROTAS [or SATOR], which made run much ink, has an alphanumeric code 666 in its Hebraic transcription. This square of order five (5 letters length and 5 letters broad) contains Roman sentence SATOR AREPO TENET OPERA ROTAS, readable as well on line as in column and generally translated by "the ploughman with his plough or in its field directs works" [under the assumption of a correspondence between AREPO and word AROTRON (plough)].

R O T A S = 666
ר ו ת ס
200 +6 +400 +60

However, the translation above would be doubtful because G Letonnelier[1] note with accuracy that, in this expression, AREPO is the only word which does not exist in Latin language and cannot, by this fact, being translated. Charles Cartigny[2] specifies that:
"... si AREPO n'existe pas en latin, REPO existe; il signifie: «je rampe, je m'avance à la manière d'un serpent»."
[Our translation]
"... if AREPO does not exist in Latin, REPO exists; it means: «I crawl, I advance with the manner of a snake»."
After reorganization of the basic inscription, Cartigny obtains the following grammatically correct sentence which it translates without ambiguity:
"ROTAS OPERA TE NETA REPO SATOR, «fais des rotations, grâce à toi, hors de l'objet filé, je m'évade en serpentant, moi, créateur»."
[Our translation]
"ROTAS OPERA TE NETA REPO SATOR, «make rotations, thanks to you, out of the spun object, I escape by curving [by "snaking"], me, creator»."
Dodging any difficulty relating to AREPO and regarding SATOR as synonym of CREATOR, Ludwig Diehl proposes the following reading of the basic inscription: SATOR OPERA TENET, TENET OPERA SATOR, whose translation is " the Creator holds works, the Creator holds works " (twice). To solve dilemma AREPO, the Abbot Beauvois considers as for him that A.R.E.P.O. is equivalent to AETERNUS REX EXCELSIS PATER OMNIPOTENS, meaning «Very powerful Father, eternal King of the Skies». Let us recall that the paternity of this magic square SATOR is often assigned to Holy Irenee[3], as underlined by Jérome Carcopino[4].

A morbid connotation is visually associated with the WWW [initials of World Wide Web, meaning Cobweb of the whole world or Internet ] and with the name of Herode Agrippa, king of Judaea, under their Hebraic writing where the letter-numbers "W" or "O" represent number 6. Let us note that in the Hebrew texts the name of Herode was often spelled by Hôredôs or Hôrôdôs, this last transcription making show through with the Hebrew reader H6R6D6S, name with triple 6.
W W W 666
ו ו ו
6 6 6
H Ô R Ô D Ô S 666
- ו - ו - ו -
- 6 - 6 - 6 -

According to some authors (Gerard Colombat and Simon Desrosiers) the name of Charles De Gaulle, written in Hebraic letters, gives the numeric code 666:

C H A R L E S   D E   G A U L L E = 666
ש ר ל ס   ד   ו ו ל ל
300 +200 +30 +60   +4   +6 +6 +30 +30

The author H. Gunkel announces that the expression "old chaos", in its Hebraic transcription [Tehom qadmonijjah], has an alphanumeric value of 666:

T E H O M   Q A D M O N I J J A H = 666
ת ה ו מ   ק   מ   נ י ה
400 +5 +6 +40   +100 +4 +40 +6 +50 +10 +5

On the basis of Hebraic guematria, the father Petro Bongo, chanoine of Bergamo, affirmed that the Antichrist was no one else than Martin Luther:

M A R T I N   L U T H E R A = 666
ל א פ ק א מ   כ ר ק ח ה פ א
30 +1 +80 +100 +1 +40   +20 +200 +100 +8 +5 +80 +1
Martin Luthera = Martin Luther in Hebrew

W I L L I A M   J.   C L I N T O N = 666
ו nil ל ל nil nil מ   י   כ ל nil נ ת nil נ
6 - +30 +30 - - +40   +10   +20 +30 - +50 +400 - +50
William [Bill] J. Clinton, former American president
In Greek, William J. Clinton is worth also 666, in spite of the differences in alphanumeric
coding in these two languages


[1]   G. Letonnelier "Cahier d'histoire et d'archéologie", no 13, 1932. Remonter au texte
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[4]   Jérome Carcopino "Le christianisme secret du carré magique". Back up to the text
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