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"Nomen est nomen, nomen est omen"
["The name is a sign, the name is an omen (prediction)"]

(Roman Proverb)

Anecdotes and various facts relating to myth 666

    In Canada, the telephone number of the Supreme Court is (613) 996-8666. In addition, the numerical root of this number generates the number of the Beast:
(613) 996-8666 ⇒ 6 + 1 + 3 + 9 + 9 + 6 + 8 + 6 + 6 + 6 = 60 ⇒ 6 + 0 = 6.

    Moreover, in the numerology on basis of Upper-Case ASCII Codes, "La Cour Suprême" ["The Supreme Court" in French] is worth 999, whereas the English expression "Canada's Supreme Court" respectively has alphanumeric values of 888, 1776 [(3/8)x1776=666; (9/16)x1776=999] and 2664 [(1/4)x2664=666; (3/8)x2664=999], in the reversed modes of numerical encoding on basis 3, 6 and 9. Let us note here that in the numerical coding on basis 6, "COUR D'APPEL" ["COURT Of APPEAL" in French] is worth 666.

    In addition, the Supreme Court of Canada adopted the tradition to communicate its judgments on the Thursdays. However, this day of the week has numeric codes which generate isomorphous triples 666, 777 and 999. Thus, in the reversed numerology on basis 9, "The Thursday" is worth 1332 [1332÷2=666; (3/4)x1332=999], whereas "Thursdays" has an alphanumeric value of 999, as well in the reversed mode of coding basis on Lower-Case ASCII codes as in reversed numerology basis 100. In the direct numerical encoding on basis 100, like in the reversed numerology based on Lower-Case ASCII codes, "Un jeudi" ["A Thursday" in French] is worth 777. Let us note here that in these two last numerologies, the alphanumeric code of "Monday" (Monday in English, literally "day of the Moon") is 666, whereas "Samedi" ["Saturday" in French, day of the Jewish Sabbath] is worth also 666 in the system of reversed coding on basis 6.

    The telephone number which president Nixon used to join the cosmonauts (of which Neil Armstrong, first man to walk on the moon), during the lunar landing of Apollo (on July 20, 1969), was 666-6666.

    October (term of the summer ...) would be one malefic month which gave place to several historical crises or strange events:
October 1956: Crisis of Budapest, Hungarian Revolution;
October 1962: Crisis of the missiles in Cuba;
October 1970: Crisis in the province of Quebec and intervention of the Canadian army;
October 1973: War of Yom Kippur following the surprised attack of Egypt and Syria against Israel;
October, every year: Halloween, festival of the witches and the ghosts. In the reversed numerology on basis 9, "Halloween" is worth 1332 [1332÷2=666]. October is generally the month of launching for new films of horror.
etc. ...
It is important to stress that in the reversed numerology on basis 6 "October" and "Octobre" (October in French) are worth all 666 !!! ...

    «The gold that Solomon received every year weighed six hundred and sixty-six (666) gold talents» (1 Kings, 10/14).

    In the numerologies basis 100 and reversed mode of Lower-Case ASCII codes, the word "talent" has a secret numeric code of 666. In addition, in the direct method of numerology basis 9, "Le Roi Salomon" ["The King Solomon" in French] is worth 1332 [1332 ÷ 2 = 666].

    Former American president Reagan owned a ranch whose civic number was 666 St. Cloud Road. In 1989, to avoid misfortune, his wife Nancy Reagan made change number 666 for the 668. In addition, Gerard Colombat notes that the name of the president, Ronald Wilson Reagan, has 6 letters with each one of its three components, giving by concatenation sequence 666.

    Simon Desrosiers notices that number 666 returns 3 times in the Bible (while considering that the number of children of Adoniqam is 667 and not 666, in spite of contradictions in the biblical references about this number). Let us notice here that 666 x 3 times give 1998, the mystical year.

    The postal code relating to the address of the Church of Satan (located in San Francisco and whose "pope" is Anton Lavey) is P.O. 210 666.

    The licence plate of the vehicle transporting the Pope Jean-Paul II at the time of his trip to Hungary carried number 666.

    In 1975, date of the reopening of Suez Canal to the sea traffic, Anouar El Sadate, the Egyptian president of that time, was drawn up on a ship of destroyer type, with mark 666 engraved on each one of its sides; later, it will be assassinated.

    It is in year 666 that Pope Vitallian emitted the decree making compulsory the use of Latin in all the religious services of the Roman catholic Church.

    Simon Desrosiers notes that the word curse returns 66 times in the Old Testament and 6 times in the New Testament, giving 666 by concatenation.
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    An careful reading of the original Greek text of Apocalyse reveals that the term "mark" (of the Beast) [Charagma in Greek] used in verse 17, chapter 13 of Apocalyse, is the 666th word! ...

    Some think that the reign of the Beast would have lasted 6660 years after the death of Adam.

    According to a bishop of Lyon, the age of Noah at the time of the biblical flood would be 666 years.

    The author Raoul Auclair stresses that it ran out 666 years, between 1143, year of establishment of the pope Celestin II [in accordance with the prophecy of Malachie] and 1809, date on which the emperor Napoleon seized the papal States under the pope Pie IX.

    Moreover, Auclair notes that the germano-soviet pact lasted 666 days, from August 23, 1939 to June 20, 1941.

    In addition, Gerard Colombat announces that number 666 appears 2 times in the Old Testament:
«[...] The gold that Solomon received every year weighed six hundred and sixty-six gold talents ...» (1 Kings 10/14);
«[...] sons of Adonikam, six hundred and sixty-six; ...» (Ezra 2/13);
and only once in the New Testament, precisely in the 66th and the last book of BIBLE, that of the Apocalypse, the only book which begin with a special blessing:
«[...] Wisdom is needed here; one who understands can calculate the number of the beast, for it is a number that stands for a person. His number is six hundred and sixty-six »
(Apoc. 13/18).

    In the Holy BIBLE, the beginning of the reign of king Solomon is reported to the 666th verse:
«[...] He died at a ripe old age, rich in years and wealth and glory, and his son Solomon succeeded him as king». (1 Chronicles 29/28)

    It is important here to underline a fabulous result of Gerard Colombat according to whom, in the logical alphanumeric conversion mode, the secret value of this verse 18, chap. 13 of Apocalyse ["Car c'est un nombre d'homme, et son nombre est six cent soixante-six"; French for: "Because it is number for a man. His number is six hundred sixty six."] is precisely 666 !!! (see title Modern I, section 1.2). We discover that our English translation " Because it is number for a man. His number is six hundred sixty six" also gives 666 ...

    Moreover, in the direct mode of numerology basis 3, "Le règne du roi Salomon" ["The reign of king Solomon" in French] is worth exactly 666. The same English expression, "The Reign of the King Solomon", in the direct numerical coding on basis 36, has an alphanumeric value of 1110 [1110x(3/5) =666]. In the reversed numerology basis 9, "Adonikam" is worth 1332 [1332÷2=666]. In addition, in the reversed numerologic mode basis 3, "Sons of Adonikam" is worth 666, whereas its French translation "Les fils Adonikam" has an alphanumeric value of 1110 [1110x(3/5) =666], in numerology based on Upper-Case ASCII codes.

    The album "Antichrist Superstar", produced in 1996 by the singer of Marilyn Manson, made scandal at the international level.

    In the Seventies, the group Aphrodite's Child (of which Demis Roussos and Vangelis Papathanassiou were members) published a record having for title "666".

    In the same way, the pop-rock'n'roll group "Black Sabbath" diffused a disc of which one of the songs is titrated "666".

    Iron Maiden, another group of hard rock, came out a disc entitled "The number of the Beast".
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    The group Satanic Surfers produced an album whose title is "666 Motor Inn".

    Noir Désir, the popular French group, came out an album whose title is "666667 Club". In addition, in the numerology basis 6 (A=6, B=12, C=16... Z=156), the alphanumeric value of "Noir Desir" is 666 ...

    Always in the numerology basis 6, the secret code of John Knox, the father of the Presbyterian Church, is 666.

    In the reversed numerology on basis 3, the number of the Beast 666 is the alphanumeric code of the satanist magus Aleister Crowler, often considered as the largest black magician of the 20th century and which were made call himself "the Beast", "666" or "Baphomet".

    In the district of Manhattan in New York, the number of the Beast 666 is illuminated at the top of the skyscraper "Tishman Building", located at the corner of the 5th Avenue and the 52th Western Street, near to Rockefeller Center and the principal studios of television.

    The computers of the American manufacturer Lear Siegler, Inc (LSI) are marked 666 on the side.

    Stan Deyo [in his book "The Cosmic Conspiracy"; French version "La conspiration cosmique", éditions Louise Courteau, 1991, translated from English by Bernarn Milot] announced that the seal of the American dollar integrates the number of Beast 666. It is made up in particular by a pyramid of 13 stages [13, other "tragic" number ...] at the top of which an eye overhangs. The year 1776 is registered at the base of the pyramid in Roman numerals, MDCCLXXVI, then divided initially into three groups, "MDC", "CLX" and "XVI", then in bi-triple under groups, "M.DC", "C.LX" and "X.VI". The concannation of the under groups gives "MCX" and "DCLXVI", respectively being worth 1110 and 666 in the greek guematria [1110x(3/5)=666].

Obverse: [outer ring] CONTINENTAL CURRENCY 1776 [Inner ring] FUGIO EG FECIT [below sundial] MIND YOUR / BUSINESS [Sundial numerals: I, II, III, (four behind gnomon) V, VI, (space) VII, XII, X, IX, IIX].

Reverse: [within ring] AMERICAN CONGRESS [in center] WE / ARE / ONE [within rings:] N. HAMPIS / MASSACHS / CONNECT / R. ISLAND / N. YORKE / N. JERS[EY] / PENNSILV / DELAWARE / MARYLAND / VIRGINIA / N. CAROLIN / S. CAROLIN / G[E]ORGIA [Brackets denote weak letters.]
Obverse 250 dpi Reverse 250 dpi
Source: Continental Congress Dollar, The Robert H. Gore, Jr. Numismatic Collection
Obverse: The obverse pictured the reigning Spanish Monarch [Carolus III] of the year the coin was struck, in 1776.
Reverse: The reverse showing the Arms of Spain and the Pillars of Hercules. The motto on the ribbons means "more beyond".
Source: America's First Silver Dollar, Collectsource.com
Also called Spanish Pillar Dollar or "Dos Mundos"; Spain's silver dólar, also known as peso ("weight") or peso duro ("hard weight"), soon became a currency used worldwide. The dollar or "thaler" is short for the "Joachimsthaler" of Joachimsthal, a mining town in the Joachims Valley in Bohemia, where the coins were first struck in the sixteenth century (Stefchek, History of Pillar Dollar). The Dollar has a German name and uses a Spanish symbol. In l5l6, the Count of Schlick discovered a very rich silver mine in Bohemia, about 7 km (4 miles) into today's Czech Republic, at the foot of Mount Klínovec, which is the Ore Mountains' highest summit. The Ore Mountains (Erzgebirge for the Germans, and Krusné Hory for the Czech) lie in the heart of Europe. This small mining-town, called Sankt Joachimsthal ("Saint Joachim's dale or valley", Jáchymov in Czech), soon became well known for its silver coins, the Joachimsthaler, abbreviated, the Thaler. And, so widely circulated this currency throughout Europe, that it was given in various places a slightly different name [Thaler or Taler in German, Low German daler, Dutch daalder, Flemish daelder, Spanish táller, tálero, or dólar and English dollar]. For a full Dollar Story and its European Origins see Rafael Castillo .

The Sacagawea Dollar of year 2000
Pomp and his mother Sacagawea, Indian women, are chosen to appear on the new U.S. dollar coin. Pomp was born on February 11, 1805 after a very long and very painful Sacagawea's labor, at just fifteen years old. The boy’s father was Toussaint Charbonneau, a French-Canadian trader. Possibly to pay off a gambling debt, the Hidatsa gave Sacagawea and the other Shoshone slave girl to Charbonneau. For the true story of the baby Pomp see Liz Sonneborn
Source: The Numismatic Ring of Dan Drew, U.S. Coins

In the reversed numerical encoding basis 9, "The Dollar" and "U.S.A. Dollars" are both worth 1332 [1332 ÷ 2 = 666], while in the direct numerology times 9, the secrets values of "Pesos" and "Spanish Dollar" are respectively 666 and 1332. Moreover, the Dollar is noted by a snaked symbol $, the Apocalyspe'snake ...

In his book "Le cercle de Veckner" ["The circle of Veckner" in French] Lärmer Mark notes that the general pattern of the electronic keyboards, such as the calcolators, the numeric keypads of computers, the keyboards of the telephones, the cellulars, the direct payment machines, the cash registers, the remote controls, etc, comprises the number of Beast 666. Let us point out these verses of the BIBLE: «It forced all the people, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to be given a stamped image on their right hands or their foreheads, so that no one could buy or sell except one who had the stamped image of the beast's name or the number that stood for its name. Wisdom is needed here; one who understands can calculate the number of the beast, for it is a number that stands for a person. His number is six hundred and sixty-six
(Apocalypse, chap. 13, verses 16-18).

NOTE: In the reversed numerology basis 6, "Veckner" is worth 666
Downward Diagonal Sum:
7 8 9 242+4=6
4 5 6 151+5=6
1 2 3 1+2+3=6
Ascending Diagonal Sum:
Triple 6 !!! 24+15+6=60

    Since the Seventies, all our traded goods comprise the identification mark of the Beast 666. Indeed, all the data-processing bars codes integrate three (3) pairs of specific bars [one in the center and two on the sides, at the beginning and the end of the code; technically superfluous, according to the clean consent of the inventor of bars-codes UPC (Universal Product Code) George J. Laurer, e-mail "gjlaurer@aol.com" ...], longer than the others and each one corresponding to digit 6, composing thus together the triple 6 or number of the Beast.

    In Brussels, a gigantic computer, called "the Beast" and able to allot a specific credit card number to each inhabitant of the whole world, occupies three floors of the surface area of the building of the EEC (European Economic Commission); according to Dr. Eldeman, head-analyst for the EEC, such an identification would be realizable because of the use of three data of six digits, marks 666 ...
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    Gerard Colombat describes the saga of APPLE in following terms:
«Le prix de vente officiel des premiers ordinateurs "APPLE", selon la volonté de l’un de ses deux concepteurs, Steve Jobs, était de 666,66 dollars. (Par simple fascination de ce nombre selon ses dires à l'époque). Ce qui lui valut à l'époque (début des années 70) de nombreux déboires avec ses franchisés refusant cette marque diabolique et reconnue par un grand nombre de personnes aux U.S.A., la connaissance des Ecritures y étant plus répandue qu'en France par exemple. Au moment de la vente de cette première affaire par leurs deux créateurs, Job et Wozniack, des journalistes se sont interrogés sur le "pourquoi" du montant de la transaction, établi à 666 dollars U. S. !»
[Our translation]
«The official selling price of the first "APPLE" computers, according to the will of one of its two designers, Steve Jobs, was 666,66 dollars. (By simple fascination of this number according to his statements at the time). What was worth to him at the time (beginning of the Seventies) of many vexations with his franchizeds refusing this diabolic mark and recognized by a great number of people in the U.S.A., the knowledge of the Holy Writings being more widespread there than in France for example. At the time of the sale of this first business by their two creators, Job and Wozniack, some journalists wondered about "why" an amount of transaction, bench with 666 dollars U S.!»
    The logo of Windows, software produced by Microsoft Inc, comprises 3 lines of 6 black squares, of codes-bars type ... triple 6 or number of the beast 666 !!! In the direct numerology based on Upper-Case ASCII codes, "Bill Gates III", one of the founders of Microsoft Inc (with Paul Allen, in 1975), is worth 666 ... Gates, the richest man of the world, would gain each minute approximately 666 American dollars. His true name is William (Bill) H. Gates III (see his official biography). His father William H. Gates II is a lawyer in Seattle (the United States). In addition, in the direct mode of numerology basis 100, like in the reversed numerologic mode based on Lower-Case ASCII codes, "Microsoft Inc" has an alphanumeric value of 1332 [1332÷2=666 et (3/4)x1332=999].

    Another big American computer company, NBCI (NBC Internet Inc, Xoom is its old name) has a quasi-spangled logo with 6 branches, with a white pyramid in its center. Moreover, in the direct mode of numerical encoding on basis 9, "The NBCI Company" is worth also 1332 (Þ 666 and 999).

    In the Eighties, the American company Procter and Gamble was in the center of a controversy relating to its publicities subtly contained the number of the Beast. However, in the reversed numerology basis 6, the alphanumeric code of "Procter and Gamble Inc" is precisely 1998 [1998=3x666]. Concerning the allegations of publicity with satanic connotation on its packages of detergent, Philippe Romon written:
«Vous ne verrez rien de particulièrement démoniaque. Incrit dans un cercle, figure sur la droite un croissant de lune au visage humain contemplant, à sa gauche, une myriade d'étoiles. Le message est certes obscur, mais parfaitement innocent en apparence. Pourtant, à y regarder de plus près, les habitués de la kabbale constateront pour commencer que des étoiles, il y en a treize. Etrange, très étrange. Et là, dans la chevelure bouclée du vieillard lunaire, que voyons-nous: "666", horreur, le signe de l'Antéchrist! (le nombre tragique apparaît mieux quand l'image est placée en face d'un miroir). La rumeur, que l'on ne peut, avec de tels arguments, que croire, affirme que "Procter and Gamble" a signé avec le diable un pacte pour prospérer dans les affaires, et qu'en échange la compagnie verserait chaque année 10% de ses bénéfices à un culte satanique.»
[Our translation]
«You will not see anything particularly diabolical. Engraved in a circle, is reproduced on the right a crescent of the moon with human face contemplating, on its left, a star myriade. The message is certainly obscure, but perfectly innocent seemingly. However, while looking more closely, the accustomed persons of cabal will note to start that stars, there are thirteen of them. Strange, very strange. And there, in looped hair of the lunar old man, what we see: "666", horror, the sign of the Antichrist! (the tragic number appears better when the image is placed opposite a mirror). The rumour, with such arguments, which one can only believe, affirms that "Procter and Gamble" signed a pact with the devil to thrive in the businesses, and that in exchange the company would give each year 10% of its benefits to a satanic worship.»
(Journal Libération, 27 et 28 avril 1985).

    About American firm AT&T - Lucent Gerard Colombat written:
«La firme "AT&T - Lucent Technologies" commercialisant les produits STYX, JANUS et INFERNO ont déménagé au numéro 666 de la 5e Avenue à Manhattan. "LUCENT" est la réduction de "LUCIFER ENTREPRISE" est spécialisée dans tout ce qui touche la messagerie. Le fleuve STYX se trouve aux enfers et doit être traversé pour y accéder. Les numéros de téléphone et de fax de la société LUCENT pour l'Europe se suffisent à eux-mêmes : tel : + 44 1 666 832 900 et fax : + 44 1 666 832 213».
[Our translation]
« The firm "AT&T - Lucent Technologies", marketing the products STYX, JANUS and INFERNO moved within number 666 of the 5th Avenue in Manhattan. "LUCENT", the reduction of "LUCIFER ENTERPRISE", is specialized in all that touches the electronic mail. River STYX is with the hells and must be crossed to reach it. The fax and telephone numbers of LUCENT company for Europe are sufficed for themselves: tel: + 44 1 666 832 900 and fax: + 44 1 666 832 213».
    On several occasions, the Greek Government tried to integrate number 666 in the numerical nomenclature of the national indentity card, for finally giving up with it after violent protests (Newspaper Le Monde, 13/6/1997; article of Didier Kunz). The author of this project of reform was the Prime Minister Costas Simitis. However, in the reversed numerology basis 3, the expression "The Prime Minister Costas Simitis" carries the mark of the Beast:

T h e   P r i m e   M i n i s t e r   C O S T A S   S I M I T I S = 1221
21 57 66   33 27 54 42 66   42 54 39 54 24 21 66 27   72 36 24 21 78 24   24 54 42 54 21 54 24
"The Prime Minister Costas Simitis" wanted to establish in Greece
electronic indentity cards comprising the 666.

    Ozanam stresses that 666 is a triangular number being able to be expressed like sum of three other triangular numbers:
                     666 = 15 + 21 + 630
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    The sum of the first 36 numbers is equal to 666:

= 666

    In Israel, to make telephones overseas it is initially necessary to compose code 666!

    Also in Israel, number 666 is printed on lottery tickets. The slogan of a national lottery is "Uncover 666 and win!".

    In addition, in Jerusalem, the license plates of the majority of the taxis and the buses start with number 666.

    In Japan, the sum of the six only current coins [1 yen, 5, 10, 50, 100 and 500 yens ] is 666.

    Hiro Hito, Japanese emperor at the time of the explosion of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima (on August 6, 1945) was the 666th monarch of Japan.

    The sum of the first 144 decimals of number Pi is worth 666. In mathematics, Pi is a real number noted π which is defined as the ratio of the circumference C of a circle to its diameter d = 2r (where r is the radius of the circle).
By definition:        πC ÷ d = C ÷ 2r
See under this link the first 547 decimals of π.

    The diagonal of the anteroom of the Large Pyramid is a length of 666 feet.

    In the village of Rennes le Château (in France), close to the Magdalena Tower built by the famous abbot Saunière, would be "the throne of the devil", at 666 meters of altitude. Secretly, in the Seventies, some Israelian researchers went there in search of the treasure of king Solomon, in question in Bible (1 Kings 10/14).

    The pyramid of the Louvre would be covered with 666 panels of glass.

    Gerard Colombat stresses that:
«L’amendement de l’O.N.U. du 15 Septembre 1990 concernant l’Irak et Saddam Hussein (à noter la similitude visuelle et subliminale entre les noms SADDAM et SATAN et qu’en anglais "SAD" signifie "triste", "MAD" signifie "fou", que "DAM" est le début du mot "damnation" etc.) était le numéro 666. Les noms Saddam et Hussein donnent chacun 666 par addition guématrique en hébreu.»
[Our translation]
«The amendment of the U.N.O of September 15, 1990 concerning Iraq and Saddam Hussein (to be noted the visual and subliminal similarity between the names SADDAM and SATAN and that in English "SAD" means "gloomy", "MAD" means "insane", that "DAM" is the beginning of the word "damnation" etc.) was number 666. The names Saddam and Hussein give each one 666 by guematric addition in Hebrew.»
[Text of the U.N.O. RESOLUTION 666 (S/RES/0666, 13 September 1990)]
    Some American credit cards have a numeric code starting by 666.

    The cumulative sum of numbers 1 to 666 is 222 111. This last number is regarded as crowned in esoteric texts, because being the combined numerical symbol of God and the Temple.

    Simon Desrosiers notes that:
«En utilisant comme table de correspondance A=1, B=2, ..., J=10, K=20, L=30, ..., S=100, T=200, ..., Z=800, on trouve que "Antechrist" donne 666 et que "Vatican" donne 664. Si on rajoute 2 pour Vatican II on a alors 666
[Our translation]
«While using the table of correspondence A=1, B=2, ..., J=10, K=20, L=30, ..., S=100, T=200, ..., Z=800, one finds that "Antechrist" gives 666 and that "Vatican" gives 664. If one adds 2 for Vatican II then one has 666
    In the data-processing encoding adopted by Internet for the various colors, the "Beast" shows to us of all kind of colors ... In the pallet of some 512 codified colors, each item has a single hexdecimal code, generally with 6 digits [other than the unit (1), a divine number] !!! ... In practice, only 216 colors are effectively used by the Web:
6 x 6 x 6 = 216 = 63     Triple 6 or the Beast ...
For illustration, the table below exposes certain particular colors whose codes comprise isomorphous items.

The two codes contained in the cells are the respective values of the hexdecimal code
and the triplet (R, G, B) [ Red, Green, Blue ], relating to the color of each specific cell.

The following table comprises an engine for conversion of "#RRGGBB" codes into their hexdecimal values, with exposure of the associated colors [Source = htmlgoodies.earthweb.com, with permission of the author, Silicon Valley Garage].

Click on the link below to see the Table of the 216 usual colors of the Web and their "#RRGGBB" values:

    In addition, in the numerical coding on basis 100, like in the reversed numerology based on Lower-Case ASCII codes, "La couleur" ["The color" in French] has an alphanumeric value of 999, whereas the English expression "The Color" is worth 888.

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